Saturday, January 06, 2007

Children of Men

Although I didn't enjoy this movie, it was very good. Quite the contrast to The Holiday, which we saw two nights earlier. I haven't read the book and wonder if things were spelled out more thoroughly in the novel. I wasn never sure exactly what forces were at work other than totalitarianism and chaos
Clive Owens was terrific--never gave into doing a Harrison Ford imitation. He was the hero, but in much the way Philip Marlowe was the hero. Only by default.
Interesting how in so many dystopias, there is a magical place that the protagonist et al must get to to be saved. I guess that conceit is the only way we can tolerate the mayhem. I know James is generally judged to be a Thatcherite and conservative but I couldn't quite work out her philosophy here except in the reverence for motherhood. Still good movie.

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