Sunday, March 15, 2020

Things That Are Making Me Happy

Really? Stuck in my house alone? Hard to think of much. Reading another Nicci French book. Watching the really depressing Aussie soap, A PLACE CALLED HOME, where almost every character is either a villain or their target. I am counting on you guys to find something to be happy about. I got nothing other than I survived the flu I had for two weeks in Florida. Hope I can survive the next one.Oh, the weather is not bad.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Well...we're still in Florida and other than a lack of paper goods in the stores, there has not been a huge effect as yet. The weather has been great (for us), mostly sunny and mild to warm with most rain at night. We've seen a bunch of decent movies, and thanks to being able to get a free library card (for five years!), we have been filling in the time with lots of series on DVD - INSPECTOR LEWIS, BORGEN, THE GOOD FIGHT, THE SINNER, HAMISH MACBETH.

The apartment has been near perfect for us (other than the lack of a Smart TV), it's an area we know well and really like (better than the hotel where we stayed for 9 years, even though it is only a few miles away), and Jackie just concluded an arrangement with the landlady to stay here for three months next winter.

So far, so good health wise, no coronavirus or flu or bronchitis or other problems we've had in years past. Now all we need to do is navigate the drive home 10 days from now and see how bad a state New York is in.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Oh, and I've read a number of books, mostly library books I was able to download on the Kindle from Brooklyn.

Jerry House said...

Well. we're still alive so that's a plus. Kitty and I both have colds and luckily that's all it is. Nonetheless we are basically hunkering down and amazed at how many very bad movies there are on Netflix. Better times are a-coming, I'm sure. If better times come before Tuesday, we may be able to buy some corned beef for our St. Patrick's Day dinner -- but I won't hold my breathe. We were able to pick up a couple of pies Saturday for Pi Day so things are not that bad.

Meanwhile President Potatohead and Buttkisser Mike are trying to pretend they know what they are doing. Seems more people are beginning to catch on to their flim-flam act so maybe better times are coming there too.

The weather has warmed up and beach time is just about here. Christina and Jack went on Friday and had a relaxing time. We'll probably start next weekend. A warm day watching the Gulf of Mexico relaxes and centers us.

Schools are closed for the month so out picking up and dropping off chores are kaput for a while. Mark is home from college, which is nice. Amy is planning on flying down from Boston soon, which is also nice. A Cher concert planned for this week has been postponed Christina, Jessie, Erin, and Mark were planning a trip to Scotland this summer; the trip may be on hold depending on how things shake out. We hoping our annual Easter outing at Blackwater State Park will still be a go.

Despite all the inconveniences, things are pretty good. Kitty remains beautiful and despite another birthday remains young and fresh. We have a new car to replace the one that left us stranded a couple of weeks ago and I appear to be getting into old the thick heads at KIA financing that the car was paid off eight and a half years ago so please won't they release their damned lien. Florida votes on Tuesday as we start to kick the bastards out.

Despite some very bad movies on Netflix, our viewing took an upturn as we binged on JUSTIFIED and PEAKY BLINDERS. The new two-part THE PALE HORSE was also enjoyable. While Jack is over we find ourselves binging on DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (**sigh**).

I've been spending a lot of time reading books by old friends: a bunch of Inspector roger West mysteries by John Creasey, a couple of westerns from Edgar Rice Burroughs, some science fiction from Eric Frank Russell, the latest thrillers from Robert Crais and Lee Goldberg, as well as stories from the digest magazines from the early 1950s. There is a lot of good ol' stuff to keep me busy while I wait for the new John Connolly, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz. Life is good.

Life is also good because you are back and blogging. Being stuck in house is not a lot of fun, I admit, but it won't last forever. Perhaps you should do what they are doing in Italy -- open the window and sing. I'd try that myself but I live on the Florida Panhandle and those suckers have guns.

Stay well. Stay sane. Better times are a-coming.

Rick Robinson said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!! You've been missed.

What's making me happy? Well, it sure as hell isn't Corvid19. There seems to be nothing else on the lips of every media person in the country, and politicians, and everyone. I both feel the need to know and find I'm getting tired of hearing of it.

We are minding our health as much as possible. I had bronchitis just a few weeks ago, and with my age and being a Diabetic, I'm in the highest risk category. I'm staying home, walking in the garden for some fresh air. I haven't been away from home for three weeks, but that's my usual mode. I read, watch, work a puzzle, do chores, take naps, read some more, listen to music and podcasts. The days seem to fly by. So staying home for a couple of weeks seems to be simple enough. Maybe it wouldn't be so without Barbara.

We have watched some of the original MORSE series, which we are DVRing and are enjoying them a lot. We have also been watching AERIAL AMERICA, a series on Smithsonian channel. Right now while I'm typing this we're watching the Democratic Debate. We watched AMERICAN HUSTLE which we disliked and turned off after about 20-30 minutes. Maybe it got better later, as some people have said they liked it. Next up is REBECCA, the 1940 version.

I finished up Short Story February as my blog posts showed, and also got a couple of novels read. I'm still reading short stories as March goes on, especially those featuring The Thinking Machine. I tried an Inspector Barnaby novel, DEATH IN DISGUISE but didn't like it and gave it up after about 140 pages. The same with CONSERVATION OF SHADOWS by Yoon Ha Lee. It's short stories, but after three I gave it up. Maybe it's just me these days. I had a book I wanted to read and it was on the way to my local library branch for pickup, but then the libraries all closed and that book is in limbo. Double Drat.

We had some snow for a couple of days, and a little rain before that, but mostly the weather here has been warmer than usual for March. Nice, but we need rain. It looks like spring here, the Daffodils are in bloom, the Forsythia are in full bloom, the Oregon Grape are blooming, trees are leafing out. Early Spring, I guess. So we'll enjoy it the best we can. Wash your hands! :-)

Jeff Meyerson said...

On the down side, it looks like we will be unable to leave Florida for the foreseeable future.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Jeff-Why not?
Thanks, guys. I have missed you all too.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

Sorry you had the flu. I'm kinda stuck indoors too. They shut down all socializing in my apt building. So far I can still use the treadmill. Watching a bit more tv than usual as my eyesight tends to be blurry esp in the A.M. which makes reading slow. I got diagnosed with macular degeneration in my left eye. They said it has been caught early and is treatable. I see a retina specialist next Monday.
Right now I'm reading The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James and have the new Jussi Adler-Olson on deck.
Not much at the movies I want to see. I did see Portrait of a Woman On Fire. Beautifully shot but a bore. I think I've seen too many similar movies in recent years.
Not really worried about the virus. More concerned for my youngest daughter who works at a nursing home.
At least the weather is mild.

Jeff Meyerson said...

We just have to see how this plays out, between possible travel restrictions, all the closures in New York, whether the CDC is going to ask for a two week shutdown of everything, etc. As of now we're planning on leaving as planned, but it could be another week or longer beyond that. We don't want to risk getting sick here or, worse, on the road. If I had my choice, I would be home now, but it is what it is.

pattinase (abbott) said...

My flu sounds a lot like this virus. Not sure I could do it again. I am most concerned with going crazy worrying. Dying seems easier right now. My most typical dream is wandering in an apocalyptic world. And that's about it right now.
Jeff, if you want to be home I would leave now. But staying in FL seems like a good choice to me. Less frantic than New York right now.

George said...

Sure, let's start with the Weather. Warmer (40s & 50s) than Normal by about 20 degrees. Sunny, too!

We're all stocked up to weather the Coronavirus Apocalypse. Our fridge is full, our freezer is stocked. Plenty of bottled water in case things go south with the Water Department. Just had our natural gas generator checked out last week so if the power grid goes down, we're going to have power.

Diane's Book Club cancelled their monthly meeting for next week. Too many health variables right now.

For Christmas, Patrick gave us a FACEBOOK PORTAL. It's basically a video telephone. We portalled with Patrick and Katie. Patrick, like most GOOGLE employees, is working from home. Katie might be working from home, too, if things turn ugly in Boston.

I'm convinced we'll get through this pandemic if we work together, keep in touch with one another, and do the Smart Things doctors are recommending to defeat the coronavirus.

pattinase (abbott) said...

So interesting the level of optimism we have. I am sure mine would be a bit higher if I wasn't alone in this house!

Gerard Saylor said...

Things are okay here. Schools started their shutdowns today and my library followed suit. My wife's library did the same and she will be working from home. I have plenty of stuff to do at work but today has been less than motivational.

I brought the dog to work after lunch and she is just anxious and ready to leave.

Spring Break was scheduled for next week. Since I was already planning to take a couple days off I may try and go camping.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Take care of yourselves, Saylors.