Sunday, August 25, 2019

Movies, movies, movies. And the best of them was TOY STORY 4. Truly. But I also liked REMEMBER MY NAME, which was a doc about David Crosby. I can't believe his voice is still great at 76. I also can't believe he has lost all of his friends.
Lovely weather in Michigan. But the mold is killing me from all the rain earlier in the summer.
Kevin was here Saturday night and between us we managed to lose the sound on the TV. I have a new cable box and remote and have not mastered it yet. We finally fixed it and proceeded to watch six episodes of THE OFFICE. I understand board games are undergoing a revival and I should pick up a few.
As always thanks to my friends for keeping me busy. If it was not for them....
Reading THE HOUSE OF BROKEN ANGELS by Urrea, about a Mexican family in San Diego. Pretty impressive.
Watching SUCCESSION, the funniest show about a horrible family. Great writing. Also MINDHUNTER, which is very good but very scary.  Have watched four episodes of ELEMENTARY, which is not bad but probably best watched one show a week.
What about you?


Margot Kinberg said...

That documentary on David Crosby sounds really interesting - glad you enjoyed it!

pattinase (abbott) said...

It was well done if pathetic in parts.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

I also enjoyed the David Crosby documentary. Blinded By the Light was also very good although the ending was a bit Hollywood.
Been watching little tv right now. Did finish Animal Kingdom. I saw to be the only person who likes this show. Also enjoying the second seasons of The Terror and Lodge 49. And of course Bill Maher and John Oliver on HBO.
Read the excellent The Iron Dragon's Daughter by Michael Swanwick and now reading The Last Good Guy by T. Jefferson Parker.

George said...

I read THE ROOM OF WHITE FIRE by T. Jefferson Parker, the first book in the series that Steve is reading. Engaging reading.

Diane and I saw Cate Blanchett in WHERE'D YOU GO, BERNADETTE and loved it. Diane's Book Club read the book of the same title by Maria Semple but opinions were mixed. Diane liked it, but others though Bernadette was a nut.

Western NY weather is nearly ideal: 70s with low humidity. But some pollen is so I take Zyrtec every day. Mold is the worst!

Katie flew in to see Ruth Bader Ginsburg's event today in Buffalo. Tomorrow morning we have to take Katie back to the Buffalo Airport at 5 A.M. so she can fly back to Boston and go straight to work from Logan Airport.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Mold is the worst. I have to find a doctor that can give me a better strategy of dealing with it.
God keep RBG alive!

George said...

Patti, I got allergy shots for years to help with my problems with cats, pollen, grasses, and mold. They helped. You just have to find the right allergist.

pattinase (abbott) said...


Rick Robinson said...

Thank goodness I have no allergies, to mold, cats, plants, meds, anything. The weather here has been nice, but starting today it's getting hot. high 80s today, 90s the rest of the week. I dislike hot weather intensely, so I'll do outside stuff in the morning and stay in with a/c running the rest of the time. At least I can read in comfort.

At least the garden is happy with the heat: Dahlias, Roses, Black-Eyed Susan, most everything. This is pretty much a time to just enjoy things, in another month we'll be planning our Fall pruning cleanup.

Jerry House said...

Our second apartment in Virginia was a new build. The first day, the bulding manager came in, saw a small blosck spot in our entryway. scratche it, said "Hmm," and left. It was mold and by the next day Kitty's eyes were bleeding. We bleached the sucker out of that entryway, the building manager denied everything, and as soon as our lease was up, we moved. At our next apartment, the police would show regularly, looking for the previous tenant. We preferred the police to the mold, which, as you say, is the worst.

No beaching yeasterday. Instead, eleven of us went off to a pottery painting party to celebrate Ceili's birthday, which will be later this week. Kitty painted an office desk caddy and did a crackerjack job. I painted a llama statuette because, well, llamas. A lot of fun with just a tad of snarkiness about artistic abilities. We could not snark Erin because she did a fantastic job on her bee-themed cup. We followed it up with a yummy meal at McGuire's Irish pub. Their servings are so large I didn't have room for dessert.

Amy is heading off the Massachusetts this and she and Jessie are loading up a U-Haul. She is over the hill because she and her roommate managed to get the dog she wanted for $50 less than she had originally offered. The dog will probably be named Biscuit and we'll meet her when Amy comes back for Christmas.

Mark moved back into his dormitory these week. This year he has three roommates. They were a bit taken aback when thy went into Mark's bedroom and saw his snake. But they seem to be cool with the sanke and cool with Mark.

We re-binged on FORTITUDE and it was even better the second time around. Whenever Jack is over we have to put on RESCUE BOTS, Marvel movies, or LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. (He gets upset when we switch to LEGENDS OF NANA'S NEWS at 5:00.) He's just finished his second week of second grade and is doing great.

And...drum roll, please...we got the apartment we were looking at! We'll be movng in over the next couple of weeks. I hope the neighbors are nice. In our current place our neighbor on the right is a disabled ex-Marine (J.B.) who keeps an eye on our place for us; on our left is an agorophobic, semi-autistic guy with very, very long fingernails who doesn't talk to anyone (we been neighbors for a year and I still don't know his name although I've introduced myself to him several times).

And that's life on the Florida Panhandle. Each day has seen wild rainstorms, followed by sunshine and Godforsaken heat. I hope your week will be fantastic, Patti.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I tried to post this morning, but my phone insisted I had to sign in to Google first and I couldn't remember the account and password so decided to wait until we got home. This was our fifth and final (free!) mini-vacation at the Long Island Marriott this summer as we decided to stay over when we saw a concert at Westbury or Jones Beach, rather than drive home. Free because Jackie has enough points at Marriott to get free nights, which include great rooms (we got upgraded to a corner room with a balcony yesterday) plus evening snacks and full buffet breakfast (with omelet station) in the concierge lounge. Last night's concert was one of the best - Santana, with The Doobie Brothers opening. It started just after 7 and ran to 11 pm. The weather had gone from hot all summer (it was 90 as recently as Wednesday) to very cool and extremely windy at the beach, which was fine with us.

We have several more concerts coming up, with George Thorogood and Graham Nash appearing a couple of nights apart from each other at The Town Hall next month.

George, it isn't better here, as ragweed is causing major problems.

We finished the second seasons of THE RAIN (Danish; not really enjoying it much any more) and DARK (German), which is so confusing we are more at sea than at the start. Both will have a final third season. TO replace them, we've started the Icelandic TRAPPED, which I am really enjoying so far, and the Indian SACRED GAMES (too early to tell). TRAPPED is on Amazon Prime, the latter on Netflix. We still have a backlog of series we haven't started yet, plus new seasons of old favorites. Thank goodness for them, as the networks are appalling, all game shows and "dating" shows (Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise).

Gerard Saylor said...

I had a decent week. I'm a "coach" with Boy #1's mountain bike team. I'm classified as a coach because I completed the minimal training but I'm just an extra body. But, since I ride along with the youngest and most inexperienced riders I get to learn all the skills along with them.

My wife and I went to an outdoor/backyard party on Saturday and had a decent time.

I was able to buy replacement rear wheels for our lawnmower. Each plastic wheel cost 25-freaking-dollars. After seeing the price I waled a couple aisles over and looked at new lawnmowers.

Yesterday's Scout meeting lasted forever (about 3.5 hours) as I stayed to help with paperwork and signing off on requirements. I texted my wife to say, "These people better show up at my funeral."

pattinase (abbott) said...

I watched the first episode of TRAPPED and liked it. A friend had just been to Iceland, which made it more interesting geographically. Sounds like one strange place, especially with the melting.
I am very thankful I have a lawn service. I know I am not up to mowing all this grass and around here you have to edge it as well.

pattinase (abbott) said...

And congrats to Jerry on the new apartment. You have had to move a lot since leaving Maryland. Must be difficult and yet you are full of good cheer as always.

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