Monday, March 25, 2019


Enjoyed CARELESS LOVE by Peter Robinson.
Enjoyed YOU on Netflix
Enjoyed GLORIA BELL at the movies. Julianna Moore was amazing.
Looks like we will have tulips soon.
Enjoyed SHRILL on Hulu.
Reading DEVASTATION ON THE DELAWARE: Stories and Images of the Deadly Flood of 1955 
Loved CATASTROPHE on Prime. 
What about you?


Anonymous said...

So glad you've been watching some good stuff lately, Patti. We've got Netflix, but haven't gotten on to Hulu yet. Hmm..

pattinase (abbott) said...

Not sure HULU is worth it. Hate the commercials yet don't want to pay more to skip them.

George said...

I'm enjoying the milder weather here in Western NY although we did get an inch of snow on Saturday. We should be in the 50s later this week.

I'm enjoying the new music CD of Respighi's Roman Trilogy by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

I'm convinced the Russians hacked the Mueller Report!

Jeff Meyerson said...

We're enjoying the final season of CATASTROPHE too. Also, surprisingly as I am not usually a fan, really enjoying AFTER LIFE with Ricky Gervais on Netflix. We both liked THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS more than we expected. I got a kick out of part of the New Zealand comedy film, BREAKER UPPERERS. Jackie didn't. Two friends (around 40) have a business "helping" people who want to end a relationship who are unable to bring themselves to do it, but they go too far at times, as when they dress as cops and tell a woman her husband is dead, even though he is hiding in their car. But some of it was funny, I thought. We enjoyed the second season (speaking of New Zealand) of SECRET CITY/.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Need to try SECRET CITY. Also AFTER LIFE altho like you not a Gervais fan. I can always imagine him tormenting small children.

pattinase (abbott) said...

It feels like it should be warmer, George.
Love telling Alexa to play pieces of music. I will try Roman Trilogy.

Steve Oerkfitz said...

I liked Careless Love too. Just finished The Border by Don Winslow. Loved it but it is on the long side.
Started second season of Secret City. Watched Mystery Road which I liked and After Life which started off well but ended up disappointingly.
Not much at the movies right now.
Had a full physical last week. Blood work all came back okay. So that's a relief. I hate going cause I always feel they will find something wrong.

Rick Robinson said...

Haven't watched any of those, naturally. I enjoyed the graphic novel of Block's Eight Million Ways to Die (on my blog today). Also enjoyed the three novels by Clair Booth in her Hank Worth series.

We have Daffodils everywhere, but the Crocuses are about done. Otherwise, the yard looks pretty dead, still. Enjoy those Tulips!

Seems like I have a lot more books to read than I have time to read them. Stacks in the TBR plus three library books right now plus a book of short stories halfway in. Faster! Faster!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

We missed the multiple hail storms last night with the last one passing through at 1 AM this morning. There is a reason I was awake till 3AM and that reason is STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other good son and I had our eye exams last week and eyes are okay. Scott had nearly no change. My vision is a little worse so I now should be driving with glasses and will have another pair for reading and computer work. More o, no sign of cataracts or anything else including the fmaily curse of macular degeneration. I am at the age where it always turns up and there is no sign of it. WOOHOO!!! I also have a bit of an oddity in my left eye where a major artery is wrapped around my optic nerve. It is something they watch for a stroke as the working theory is that if I had one, it would most likely hit there. No sign of anything with that either.

So, that was a huge relief. Physicals next Monday.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Glad to hear this good medical news.
I hear TRANSIT at the Maple is good, Steve. Also US.
Our tulips probably won't bloom for two weeks yet.

Jerry House said...

Finished SECRET CITY and the third season of CARDINAL. Both very good. Currently watching THE MEG with Jason Stratham -- hokey, but I like Stratham. (I never claimed good taste to be one of my assets.)

Weather here is gorgeous and is likely to continue throughout the week.

Anniversary is tomorrow. Chuffed that I have spend 49 years with this wonderful woman and am looking toward to many more.

Kitty starts her chemo light treatment on Thursday. It should take about eight hours, so I should finish reading THE BIG BOOK OF SHERLOCK HOLMES before the day is out. It's a great book with wonderful stories but the massive thing has been a monkey on my back for the past few weeks. Of course I'll be reading it in between holding Kitty's hand and stroking her brow.

Mueller report is in and Trump is claiming victory in a way too premature move. Looking forward to finding out what exactly is in the report and in any supporting documents. Also looking forward to the other investigations of President Cheeto.

Another great time at the dog beach yesterday. Erin has taken to counting all the dogs she sees on the beach and can describe each one. She, Amy, and Jack took Happy the puppy up and down the beach to introduce him to other dogs. Erin came back and could tell us the name, breed, and age of every @#$%^&! dog on the beach. Me? I enjoyed watching the waves on the Emerald Coast.

Hope you and Phil top off the end of March with wonderful weather, music, shows, books, meals, and friends. Take care.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, Jerry and congrats on the anniversary. A lot of good years.

Gerard Saylor said...

I was able to drive to IL and visit my parents a day or so after my father's 80th birthday. My visit only slightly overlapped with my brother's. I was able to tag along on a medical visit that had positive information. I was impressed with his doctor who was very thorough.

I've enjoyed Hassan Minaj's show on Netflix, PATRIOT ACT. I think it is really well done and he has covered some topics I knew little about.

Boy #1 and I will visit NW Arkansas this week to go mountain biking. We leave tomorrow afternoon and should be able to have two full days of riding in AR. He will get more out of this than I. I kept trying to convince Boy #2 to come along but he does not enjoy mountain biking and I could not persuade him.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have been meaning to try PATRIOT ACT. THanks for reminding me. I imagine mountain biking is not for everyone. I would have trouble with the heights for sure.

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