Wednesday, June 06, 2018

First Wednesday Book Review Club; THAT KIND OF MOTHER. Rumaan Alam

In 1985 Rebecca Stone is ill-prepared for motherhood. Breastfeeding turns out to nearly undo her so the idea of hiring the helpful woman from the hospital seems like a great idea. And it is. The two women bond instantly and life for the would-be poet smooths out.

Priscilla, an older black woman, dies unexpectedly in childbirth early on and because the bond between the two women was so strong, it extends to how Rebecca feels about Priscilla's orphan son. There is a sister who could take him in, but she is a new mother too. So Rebecca ends up raising her own son and Priscilla's.

This was an easy book to read and perhaps the problems it raises are solved a bit too handily. No one really makes too much of a fuss about a white family with a black son. Problems you expect to surface do so with not much more than a ripple.

Alam is a gentle writer and you get the idea he is saying that kindness goes a long way. And I agree. Lovely writing from who I know must be a lovely man.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Oh, it does sound like a lovely story, Patti.

Sarah Laurence said...

It does sound like a pleasant story but it might have been more interesting to address the challenges of a mixed race family.

Powell River Books said...

Goes to show there is a lot of good in this world if people are allowed to do what is right. - Margy

Barrie said...

Sometimes I like to read a book that isn't chockfull of conflict and tension. This sounds perfect for one of those times. Thank you for reviewing!

Linda McLaughlin said...

It sounds like a lovely story.

Phyllis Wheeler said...

Does it have enough conflict to make it a good read?