Monday, May 01, 2017

Things That Are Making Me Happy

I had the most fabulous pizza ever at LaGuardia Airport.  It was a white pizza with asparagus, serano ham, manchego, and fried eggs on it. Yes, believe me. It was perfection. I didn't think a pizza could still excite me but this one did. Toss out that tomato sauce and pepperoni.

After the Edgars ended, we walked outside the banquet hall and table after table was loaded with books free for the taking. Brand new books, hardbacks, paperbacks, It was a thrill.

Went to the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station and had...oysters. Mine were fried, Phil's were raw and both were terrific.

It made me happy to share such an event with my daughter and husband. How often does that sort of thing happen.
How many times will I get to be in the same room with Walter Mosley, Mary Higgins Clark, Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver and so man other illuminaries. I will always be a fan rather than an equal. Too late to change. I am hoping Jeffrey Deaver is okay after his dramatic collapse. It was so sudden I thought for a minute he'd been shot.

Managed to make a quick trip to the Met to see the Irving Penn photography exhibit, which was gorgeous.

Phil's tulips are still blooming....

And you?


Jerry House said...

I'm happy that you had a great time in New York with Phil and Megan (even if you didn't come home with an Edgar)

I'm happy that i have my morning coffee in front of me

I'm also psyched that there is a new series of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 available. I watched four episodes so far and they are great. (Kitty, however could care less and four-year-old Jack opined, "That's dumb.")

It looks like my daughter will not be buying a zoo. There is one for sale near us and she was seriously considering taking out a loan to buy it. Both girls and their kids checked it out this weekend and were impressed, but the logistics make not work out. I am happy, however, that she can think outside of the box. (although there were llamas at the zoo and I am very fond of them.)

Tornadoes passed us by and this weekend's flood watch was a bust, so it looks like great weather this week. I like good weather. (I like storms, too, but they get too many people nervous.)

Thanks again, Patti, for making me think about all the good things in my life.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and glad you got to share it with your family.

Jackie wants me to tell you, and I'm sure George will agree, that whatever you ate was NOT pizza. (But she's a purist.) White pizza? No. Asparagus? No. Fried eggs on top? Not in my world. (But I'm happy you loved it.)

This week? I have SO many books around that I can't get settled on one (or even two) of them. I read one chapter here, another there, and my head starts spinning.

Two shows this week - DANIEL'S HUSBAND off-Broadway, and GROUNDHOG DAY on. I must admit that after the NY Times rave we were both disappointed in the latter, though it did pick up in the second act. As a show based on a movie I loved, it reminds me a little of THE LION KING, which also was a bit of a let down on first viewing. Andy Karl did a great job with his unwieldy leg brace, however. But I felt that the character's boorish offensiveness needed a Bill Murray to pull it off and still make you root for him (in Act 1). Plus, there are few memorable songs.

We had two straight summer-like days of 85 degrees. Everything is green and blooming.

Gerard Saylor said...

I had not read about Jeffery Deaver collapsing. I'll have to look that up.

Last week we had our in-service staff day at work. Our County merged with a neighboring County about 1.5 years ago to form a new library system/cooperative. We took the day driving to visit and tour five other libraries in the neighboring county. The trip was a nice mix of new and old buildings in both small and large cities.

Boy #1 was gone all Saturday and part of Sunday on a 25 mile bike ride for Scouts. Earlier in the week he did a job shadowing at Trek Bicycle headquarters up the road in Waterloo. Boy #1 got to see the prototype group and two engineering groups. He really, really likes bikes so I think this was very neat for him.

On Sunday I finally go around to cutting and installing the wood thresholds my wife kept asking about for a while. I was able to first use the table saw I bought on sale nearly a year ago.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We couldn't get tkts to Groundhog Day on TDF so maybe it was just as well. Didn't really have time for much anyway.
As usual Gerard, you live a life like the one I grew up in. And my kids. Good for you for keeping your kids off the screens and in the woods. They will be all the better for it. I go to my Friends of the Library meeting tonight. We are raising money for a new reading room for the Seniors. The kids took over the other one.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Jerry-even thinking about buying a zoo is amazing. And I have the feeling you think about the good things more than most of us.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

No, I think you'd have found GROUNDHOG DAY unsatisfying. It did have its moments, especially in Act 2, but I think I expected a lot more, especially after reading the rave review in the NY Times.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We did see SWEAT after its rave review and were disappointed with that and our friends saw OSLO, which disappointed them. Beginning to wonder....

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

We've skipped both of those, so far. We do have tickets for INDECENT, which sounds fascinating.

Rick Robinson said...

Bit of struggle this week, I'm afraid. Last Friday after driving out to the hospital, the radiation equipment was "down", but repair on the way. After waiting until 11 (I get there at 7:45) they gave up and sent us home, so I have to add another treatment to the end of the schedule.

But, happy. Let's see...
- the garden is looking very Spring-like, the Rhodes, at least the earlier ones, are blooming.
- we may have temps in the 70s Wednesday, the first time in over 200 days.
- I got the beautiful new book on illustrator Dean Cornwell from The Illustrated Press. I love their big, lush art books.
- We celebrated Barbara's birthday with friends last week, and had a great time.
- I'm happy to live in this place, in this house.

Cap'n Bob said...

We had the baby over today. She'll be 11 months old tomorrow. She's a love.
I planted a plum tree last week.
I DIDN'T buy a model kit at Goodwill today. There was nothing wrong with it, but it was a muscle car and I don't build those.
I boxed up hundreds of model kits (just to organize them), cleaned one side of the garage, found lots of jigsaw puzzles I forgot I owned, and will be giving a bunch of games/puzzles to either Goodwill or the Vets.
On the down side, I have to get a new modem because my server is upgrading their equipment.

George said...

You can't go wrong with pizza!

There's a big Library Book Sale on Wednesday so I'm fired up about that.

I'm whittling down my stack of library books.

Enjoyed the stage version of CABARET...a lot!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 opens at the end of this week..and I already have my ticket!