Monday, January 11, 2016

My Five Favorite Performances by a Male Actor

I have not seen Leonardo DiCaprio in REVENANT so I can't include what many say was the best male performance. I don't think this was an especially good year for men in films. Too many men are spending their careers making action movies. They may make money but the careers of people like Robert Downey Jr,, Johnny Depp and others have taken a nosedive in terms of esteem. Tom Hanks seems to play the same character all too often.

Michael Fassbender, STEVE JOBS, MACBETH
Michael B. Jordan, CREED
Ronald Zehrfeld, PHOENIX (This was probably the best performance I saw by a man).

And none of these knocked off my socks as did all of the women What did you think? 


George said...

I thought Matt Damon did a great job in THE MARTIAN. I haven't seen THE DANISH GIRL yet.

John said...

I think I saw only two movies last year: EX MACHINA and MR HOLMES. While neither had award worthy performances both Oscar Isaac in the first and Ian McKellan in the second were top notch. In fact Oscar Isaac is my new "man crush" actor. I'll watch him in anything because he has such emotional connection and range in what he chooses to appear in.

THE MARTIAN is categorized as a comedy? What's with those nutty Foreign Press people?

Chris said...

Damon left me cold in The Martian, but that's more based on what he had to work with. I just didn't like the writing in that movie, but the cinematography was fantastic.

Stallone destroyed me in Creed, which was my favorite movie of the year.