Monday, December 18, 2006

Muzzle Flash

A new story on Muzzle Flash. Link to the side.

I'm reading Time Bends (Arthur Miller's memoirs)for my book group. I can't complain about the length of this one since I chose it but damn it's long. It's beautifully written but the last time I read it 20 years ago I had more time and still smoked. I think smoking made me a better reader. Also the lack of an Internet and lack of a job. gave me time. I was able to polish off 3-4 books a week. Now it's more like one. On a good week.

After a rewrite, Hardluck Stories took my story Quality Operations for the femme fatale issue.


Bryon Quertermous said...

Congrats on the Hardluck story, that's awesome. I've got an idea for that issue that I'm trying to work out and I hope I'm not too late. That is def. one of the markets I want to crack and I've tried many, many times.

Maria said...

Way to go, Patti. Kudos.